Godaddy currently offers 3 different email hosting packages.  Depending on your needs, Godaddy is pretty convenient for email hosting.  Of course if you need a domain name, you can easily purchase them right from your account.

  1. Personal Email Hosting Account – This is ideal for an individual that only needs 1 email account.  This account also includes a free personal calendar and 1 GB of online storage.
  2. Deluxe Email Hosting Account – This is the best choice for a family or a small group that needs up to 5 email addresses.  This includes a free group calendar and 2 GB of storage.
  3. Unlimited Email Hosting Account – Perfect for any size business or organization that need plenty of space.  Includes a free deluxe group calendar and unlimited storage.

Overall I think the 1and1 email hosting is less expensive, but Godaddy is such a great company it is probably worth the extra money.  the customer service at Godaddy is the absolute best.  I have only heard bad things about the 1and1 customer service.  If you don’t think you’ll need support, then 1and1 may be better for you.

All of the Godaddy email hosting plans are easy to integrate with your mobile phone, including the iphone and blackberry.

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