1&1 email

1&1 offer $0.99 email hosting!  1and1 claims to be the worlds biggest Web host.  I don’t know if that’s true, but I believe it.  1and1 is a huge company that has been offering tons of different web hosting services since 2000.

1and1 offers the cheapest price on email hosting packages.  For only $0.99 a month you can get an email hosting account from 1and1!  This email hosting package gives you 5 dedicated email accounts with POP3/IMAP access.  It also includes 2 GB of mailbox space and is flexible enough to let you create up to 400 email aliases.  With all the included features for the cheap price of $11.88/year (99 cents a month).  1&1 email hosting uses a symantec virus guard and spam guard to keep your email safe.