Email hosting is a popular way to be in control of all your email needs. By using you own email host, you have flexible option of using your own domain name and integrating it with your Microsoft outlook and your cell phone. We have found the best cheap email hosting and listed them here at My favorite email hosting service is the Godaddy Deluxe email package.

E-mail hosting is arguably the cheapest service provided by many hosts, and for a very good reason: all that e-mail hosting tends to offer is, as the name implies, access to a host’s e-mail servers. E-mail hosting plans are ideal for those with sites hosted by companies with limited e-mail functionality, or for those who simply want e-mail boxes that they can access independently of their existing web hosting and/or ISP services.

While different web hosting vendors offer a variety of cheap email hosting options, there are some features that are standard or vary only slightly with each vendor’s offerings. Webmail is a nearly ubiquitous feature, and is essentially a web page that allows one to view their e-mail. What separates webmail offerings from services such as Yahoo! and Hotmail would be the absence (in most cases) of advertising both on the site, and added into the e-mails themselves. This last fact can be extremely important for businesses, as nobody wants advertisements for a third party to find their way into the e-mails sent from a business.


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Godaddy currently offers 3 different email hosting packages.  Depending on your needs, Godaddy is pretty convenient for email hosting.  Of course if you need a domain name, you can easily purchase them right from your account.

Personal Email Hosting Account – This is ideal for an individual that only needs 1 […]

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1&1 email

1&1 offer $0.99 email hosting!  1and1 claims to be the worlds biggest Web host.  I don’t know if that’s true, but I believe it.  1and1 is a huge company that has been offering tons of different web hosting services since 2000.

1and1 offers the cheapest price on email hosting packages.  For […]

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The number of individual e-mail boxes will vary from one e-mail hosting package to the next, as will the storage and per-message size limitations. In short, some hosts will allow their customers to use a considerable amount of storage and/or send and receive e-mails with large attachments, while others will not. Understanding these limitations is the key to finding the ideal e-mail host in many cases.

A spam filter is another nearly ubiquitous filter, though some spam filters are arguably too thorough. Spam guards that are overzealous may throw legitimate e-mails into the rubbish bin and/or delete attachments that are not harmful simply because of the type of file they are. Spam guards or filters that are adjustable are highly desirable, especially if one plans on sending and/or receiving Excel, Word, and/or executable files on a routine basis.

E-mail forwarding, aliases and auto-responders round out the list of common features. E-mail forwarding allows individual e-mall addresses or groups of e-mail addresses to be forwarded to another e-mail account. This can be useful when one is on the go, or transferring their host. Aliases allow generic addresses to be routed to individuals, such as routing e-mail sent to to if pat is the manager of the sales department. Auto-responders are used to send canned responses to the author(s) of incoming e-mails, usually to let them know that their e-mail has been received and will be handled promptly.